About .FBfaktor

Hi there, - on these pages you'll find updates and all info / support on my indie[single-developer]games ...
you'll find out, that i do side-by-side game-programming. My designs are using the same game-engine and since different game-ideas do share the same source-code [camera, interface, input...] i like to use my environment to sort and tackle the designs, i like to work with, at the same time. (life's too short, you know)

Several instances of game-studios do or have done side-by-side development, on large scale projects, successful.
Because i do produce art-assets fulltime and can outsource the production of media-content i do not want to spend time on - i do side-by-side game development myself.

JTimm's feinbild-software-studio [FBSoftware] describes my current game-design endeavours. The rule i set myself here is to produce short-term games which do support the idea of being a stress-relieve, getting together and everyday fun for some two to three hours.

Please #spreadTheWord and support JTimm's #FBSoftware.
NOTE : This site is a subSet to mdlFaktor.com - legal informations can be found in the shop @ mdlFaktor.com [if available].

  • .FBSoftware

    Art Director, Founder

    Monster fiction loving map model sound creating ex horror movie collector art driven darkness behind thee eyes adept of the occult sexy comic and just a gamedesigner.

  • .FBSoftware

    Technical Director, Founder

    Ex commodore 116 owning basic language graphics chip deciphering openGL c++ game engine ai loving scripter and even if it is quit boring to be a single-dev just the same gameprogrammer.