... early-access - available .. soonish (early 2015)

Storyline :
Aliens ... aliens, which forever strife through space to gather much needed resources .. resources like pizza, chicken nuggets and the most valuable .. pure sugar. AlienGarbageCowboys is designed as 'multiplayer' deathmatch for young parents (to play with kids) or everyone who likes some friendly and bloodless chaos in form of arena deathmatch and item hunting.

Gameplay :
Deathmatch first-person-shooter, featuring several classic and new deathmatch modes on swamp, ice and lava planets. Play in splitscreen [up to four player] or as single player versus computer-controlled foes. Fun with the classic's .. deathmatch, last-man-floating and catch-the-engineer or hunt / survive comic zombies in turn for more ammo and awesome powerups.

  • comic world setting, fantasy planets
  • featured in a high-end game engine [currently developed]
  • zombie deathmatch arcade gameplay on lost planets [swamp, ice, lava]
  • first-person spaceship shooter - manage your ammo, fuel and shild
  • optional third-person, optional four-player splitscreen

Early-Access-Bonus : the manta ray spaceship [unique] + 3 prototype map's [planet 'multiplayer' samples]

Note: Update's every friday (so i can provide hot-fixes, if necessary), early-access "should" take three months and the final release shortly after that time. Please understand that i like to have 'all' gameplay included while providing early-access but that there is no 'guarantee of fitness' (or implied warranty) while doing early-access. All early-access bonus is linked to your registered e-mail address, not time-limited and as such available in the final.

AlienGarbageCowboys ... Info about Early-Access-Bonus, list of game features / full description and download link [if applicable] are on each game's own page. For questions or assistance, please use the e-mail form under "Talk" - with the e-mail address used while registering a product. To report a bug or to request new features, please use the e-mail address within the "report.txt" form. All Game content has yet not been rated. However, screenshots or videos do not showcase any "Adults Only 18+" content.


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