... early-access - available .. soonish (early 2015)

Storyline :
A world overrun by horrible creatures, with the habit to host and order humans, a society had to flee to a nearby moon - after loosing the fight and while the world's leader where save, they realised that even if the planet was lost, reclaiming resources and technology would be absolutely necessary to survive. AstroZombie is the story of one of the volunteers with the task to collect and protect resources while science teams try to find new ways to fight back.

Gameplay :
Terrain [environment] based exploration first-person-shooter, featuring industrial undergrounds and faktory areas. Live and learn from your site, find out what happened to the locals - the better you protect your new home, the more options to deal with science teams .. earn the reputation to lead scientists into more dangerous areas.

  • realistic fantasy world setting, comparable with the 80's
  • featured in a high-end game engine [currently developed]
  • monster hunting arcade gameplay in a lost-world themed environment
  • first-person exploration - find and follow clues, unfold story lines
  • optional third-person, optional two-player splitscreen [left/right]

Early-Access-Bonus : the multipurpose leach gun [unique] + prototype map [camp 'multiplayer' test]

Note: Update's every friday (so i can provide hot-fixes, if necessary), early-access "should" take three months and the final release shortly after that time. Please understand that i like to have 'all' gameplay included while providing early-access but that there is no 'guarantee of fitness' (or implied warranty) while doing early-access. All early-access bonus is linked to your registered e-mail address, not time-limited and as such available in the final.

AstroZombie ... Info about Early-Access-Bonus, list of game features / full description and download link [if applicable] are on each game's own page. For questions or assistance, please use the e-mail form under "Talk" - with the e-mail address used while registering a product. To report a bug or to request new features, please use the e-mail address within the "report.txt" form. All Game content has yet not been rated. However, screenshots or videos do not showcase any "Adults Only 18+" content.


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