...Free2Play - alpha RC003 available AT indieDB [updating soonish]


Storyline :
This is a 'very' early alpha of a game project i intriguingly called DeadZufall ... art and scripts are based on blender tutorials or CC0 released art-assets ...

I mainly build this one to look into blender's python, the BGE and to take a look into "fast prototyping" with logic bricks ... plus it is F2P ... means, rare updates - like monthly or fewer.

Gameplay :
A deadspace/doom3 crossover .. After breaking through the floor while exploring a long lost outpost .. the player has to deal with environment hazards .. armor/mask do deplete. Shutting down pumps, welding barrels while having some enemy contact, till a 'save haven' can be reached to 'fix' player's armor/mask. These 'save haven' are planned for late beta and most likely aint that 'save' though.

  • incredible un-realistic SciFi world setting, comparable with the never happened
  • featured in Blender's game engine [blender 2.72 atm] - use headphones edition
  • use your engineering skills to clean areas and stay alive in a underground facility
  • first-person action shooter - grab your gunz and fight the remains of dead friends (zombies)
  • no settings, no bonus, no minigames, no story - just run and gun ... and fixing stuff

Early-Access-Bonus : play the early alpha with no-gameplay-at-all [share it .. but please - add a link to this website]

Note: Update's every few months. The game is not early-access as such but a free2play, free2share and currently alpha RC001.
No warranty or fitness of purpose given. Good gfx card required - download as-is and on one's behalf [don't sell + on own risk].

License : I use Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licensed and CC0 content exclusively - credits inside. Damn, this line ain't long enough.

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