.MyGirl'sBaaadJob - nightshift

... early-access - available .. soonish (early 2015)

Storyline :
It's a save the princess gameIP (game series) in which everything can happen - a girl captured by aliens - you are about to save her, gone missing after visiting a wedding gown boutique - deal with it or you play a guy getting a call from that strange restaurant near the haven - no problem. In the "nightshift" episode, however - a girl happen to work as night watch in a museum ... needless to say that the player has to intervene in the form of a well trained secret agent.

Gameplay :
Dungeon [environment] based first-person-shooter, featuring demons which made a museum there new/old home. Be cursed and throw magic projectiles while wielding a peacemaker, walk the dreams of hideous wannabe wizards, choose hand-to-hand combat during a fight or keep quiet and sneak your way to successful stealth kill's.

  • realistic fantasy world setting, comparable with the 70's
  • featured in a high-end game engine [currently developed]
  • demon hunting stealth gameplay in a dungeon and cave environment
  • first-person action rpg - grab unique weapons from demons or the environment
  • settings for difficulty to support leaderboards in default, stealth and quick run mode

Early-Access-Bonus : play the intro-level as rail-shooter and earn bonus items [transferable]

Note: Update's every friday (so i can provide hot-fixes, if necessary), early-access "should" take three months and the final release shortly after that time. Please understand that i like to have 'all' gameplay included while providing early-access but that there is no 'guarantee of fitness' (or implied warranty) while doing early-access. All early-access bonus is linked to your registered e-mail address, not time-limited and as such available in the final.

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